What Is HDD?

The world is innovative and new options keep coming forth to replace or compete with the old ones. HDD is a Hard Disk Drive and as the name clearly suggest, it is a hard drive in the form of a disk that provides storage space for your any kind of data that needs to be saved. This device was first brought out into the market in the mid 20th century by IBM and was a major hit due to its large capacity and the then high-performance efficiency.

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HDD plays a crucial role in terms of data storage. A website or domain is hosted with a company on their server on sharing basis in general but customers do opt for cloud or private servers. No matter the kind of server they use, each one requires a storage space to hold these websites’ data and information. Today, the use of SSD (Solid State Drive), is more common due to its high-performance efficiency. But the unsystematic keeping of SSD can never compare to the Hard Drive’s organised data keeping.

Even after the rising new technology and increasing tough competition, HDD hasn’t lost its value among the web hosts and its users. To those with fairly easy manoeuvring websites but in need of larger holding capacity, HDD is the right choice to make. They have fairly more capacity for data storage compared to any other form of storage available in the market in terms of hardware.

The HDD is a circular disk that has many layers of circular lining beneath it. These linings are used to store the information. HDD is smaller in size and it runs at a very high speed under a pin that is used to access this information. This pin- point can write, read or retrieve the website and the work and processes of that website on the circular disk. This data is stored and accessed, not per say from the disk, but from the many layers of the platters that constitute the disk.

As said earlier, HDD web hosting means that when a customer chose a web host to make their website and gets a domain, They have  picked Hard Disk Drive. Among the many others specifications that needed to be chosen, storage is one of them. As a technology gets older and the demand reduces, the price notch down massively.

And as it happens, before choosing a host, a customer maps his requirements, same needs to be done here. With the advantage of space as far as 4 TB and price not farther than $200 at the most, a customer in need of a web hosting with a budget constraint are in luck. The HDD web hosting, though rarely opted for can easily be seen with quality performance if used with the rightly customized website settings.


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