Solid State Hybrid Drive: What Is It?

Hello, everyone! In my previous articles I’ve explained about SSD (Solid State Drive) and HDD (Hard Disk Drive) and their differences. In this article I’ll be telling you something about solid state hybrid drives (SSHD).

So, What Is a Solid State Hybrid Drive? (SSHD)

A Solid State Hybrid Drive is a storage drive that is a hybrid of SSD and HDD. Yes, you heard it right. It is a combination of both the storage drives and can be seen as SSD+HDD=SSHD.


SSHDs are slim devices (Not slimmer than SSDs) and have the ability to store data just like SSDs and HDDs. While SSDs are known to be costly and slim and HDDs are known to be cheaper and less slimmer than SSDs, SSHDs stand in between both these types of drives.

SSHDs are cheaper than SSDs and Costlier than HDDs. They are ideal for people who cannot afford High capacity SSDs or who are looking for an effective and quick storage solution.

SSHDs have a quick boot time and stand in between the booting times of SSD and HDD. with SSD having the highest boot time.

SSHDs have some part built of solid state chips i.e. typically 8GB and so has the ability of an SSD. It works by storing the data that is frequently used on the faster drive i.e. SSD and the less frequently used data is stored on the HDD. So, a combination of both the drives gives it the positives of both the drives.


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