SSD Or HDD: Which storage is better for you?

For all those who are wondering as to whether you should be choosing SSD(Solid State Drives) or HDD(Hard Disk Drive), here I have something for you.

Most of the web hosting companies now-a-days have shifted to SSD storage making HDD a thing of the past.

So, why did these companies do so with the HDD’s??

Well, I have the answer! HDD’s are Hard drive devices that mostly come with your laptops and PC’s and were the best storage devices available at that time but now they are being used as they help reduce the manufacturing cost of the laptop/PC.

SSD’s, on the other hand, have a lot of benefits over HDD devices and so these hosting companies decided to shift to SSD’s in order to provide better service to their clients.

Benefits of choosing SSD Over your regular HDD

SSD firstly are known to be the slimmest (USB’s are an exception) storage devices in the market when compared to HDD. They are about 5mm in height while the HDD’s are somewhere between 7mm and 9.5mm.

Secondly, SSD’s are faster than HDD’s. An SSD device reboots and loads the system faster than HDD.

SSD’s are interconnected chips that are capable of storing information even if there is no current available. So, HDD’s lack this feature and so are left behind.

SSD’s are highly reliable as they are faster to load, capable of storing data even when there are current fluctuations or absence of current and so, helps your site load quickly.

Bad side of SSD:

SSD’s are not cheap. I’d refrain from mentioning the prices of SSD’s but SSD’s are costlier when compared to HDD’s and the price goes higher and higher with increase in storage capacity.


SSD are better that HDD’s and have a lot of benefits and less downside. So, I suggest you go for SSD hosting and also use it for storing data on your computer systems.

So What about SSHD(Solid State Hybrid Drive)??


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