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1&1 internet branched out as a hosting company under its original owner company, United Internet. Founded in 1988 by Robert Hoffman, the company has thus come far till date. 1&1 hosting aims to provide a platform for diverse kind of customers may it be web developers, local users, amateurs, business professional or any other kind.

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Unlike many companies who were basically founded as a domain registrar, 1&1 was founded for web hosting. And thus many of its services stay true to that. Many ready to use features from Templates to Google optimization and all the back end software necessary for your website and domain protection. And not only security but performance and speed are always kept in check. They have specially structured hosting programs planned to for every type of customer.

Web Hosting

There are three unlimited plans in this shared hosting; Unlimited for $0.99 per month, Unlimited Plus for $4.99 monthly and Unlimited Pro costing $8.99 monthly. The three plans pricing are stated as per their annual plan. All the plans have many good features worth considering.

Every plan has SSL certificate, 1 free domain, and 1 GB space on storage with 20 databases and supports more than 120 applications. All these applications are a mere click away. These deals can be bought on Linux as well as Windows OS and there is a separate hosting structure for these two as well that elaborates all the features with transparency.

The difference in Linux and Windows Hosting is of some features and specification. Like Shared under windows does not give website builder nor support application services. The databases and storage are also limited in windows. Windows also suffer from a little performance setback with higher memory limitations compared to Linux memory limitations.

WordPress Hosting

The three plans, namely, Basic, Plus, and Ultimate have the same price structure as the shared hosting. This hosting is designed for a managed WordPress ensuring performance and security of the site. 1 domain and unlimited visitors are allowed for its users. The plans vary in their website and storage availability. Though the unlimited plan has unlimited websites and storage available.

Automatic updates, latest version, and easy installation contribute to 1&1 review for WordPress especially. Being a managed WP hosting, they provide many customized templates without extra charges and plug-ins that come installed with the installation of the WordPress website.

Performance Hosting

This is a fully managed hosting, a little unclear on whether it uses private or dedicated servers, as the definition goes in the web hosting business. Though definitely not a shared platform, it has four plans on a three-month sale. Performance (S, M, L and XL) plans with monthly rates of $34.99, $44.99, $64.99 and $104.99 respectively.

All the plans use a varying degree of specs according to the cost and have RAID-1 SSD and unlimited databases. All plans include 1 domain. There is no bar to how many website a customer can host on that single domain with unlimited traffic, accounts, and email. This hosting supports over a 100 applications and all the plans, except Performance S, have the option to buy extra SSD space.

VPS Hosting

The four types of Virtual servers they offer come with varying specifications and thus, accordingly incrementing prices. 1&1 hosting offers reduced monthly charges on a three-month package. Virtual Server M plan for $4.99 monthly, uses 1 GB RAM and 1 core CPU. The L plan for $9.99 uses 2 cores and 2 GB RAM. The XL and XXL plans cost $19.99 and $29.99 monthly for a three-month package; the cores and GB RAMs vary as 4 and 6.

All the plans are allowed unlimited traffic and have daily automated backup done for these servers. A free all around the clock direct line is available to the customers other than the standard email method. This hosting comes on Linux OS, but Windows is also made available on demand.

Dedicated Server

This program has 3 levels of servers, all of them with their own feature and plan structure, divided on the basis of the processor used. The Entry Level servers various kinds of AMD and intel processors, amounting to 6 entry plans. These plans have different specs under different processors. Currently, the XL6 and XL8 on AMD and L4i on intel are offered for free on an initial three-month package sign up.

The medium level is the Performance Servers with four plans under it, 2 intel processor based and 2 AMD processor based. These plans, too, differ in specs and prices on a 3 month and 6-month package. Above the Entry servers and Performance servers, stands the Business line by Dell with two plans, both of which use intel. As the above pattern follows, they have difference specification based on their costs and processors.

Some of the top high-quality websites like ‘’ are a significant part of the positively incrementing chart of 1&1 review. There are other contributor websites as well, such as ‘’, ‘’, ‘’,’ and ‘’. And with customers come deep feedback. Some of those noteworthy points are:


  • Elaborate hosting plans
  • Windows OS
  • Unlimited websites and traffic
  • Usable for all kind of customers
  • Good additional features (free)
  • Affordable price


  • High renewal rates
  • No live chat
  • Short turn returns policy
  • Difficult to navigate interface

Across the wide space of internet, 1&1 hosts some of the best websites as well as some of the highly dissatisfied customers. To take up working with this hosting company, a complete research is necessary as to how and what you need. the wide range of features they offer seem to have no end and if your demands are stated here, 1&1 hosting company is recommended for your website.

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