Is Bluehost Worth a Try? Find Out!

In the business of web hosting, Bluehost review has been of top notch and reflects a rising chart in the clientele satisfaction. Web hosting is a kind of hosting service that allows someone, organization or individual, to enter the World Wide Web. Your desired site is then available for use via World Wide Web. You are officially a World Wide Web member, owner of your fully fledged personal website.


Bluehost hosting company is one such web hosting service provider aiming towards making a better hosting company. It provides you with all the necessary services you required to acquire your own website and make it accessible on the vast space of the internet. Not limiting themselves to web hosting, they also provide domains for their customer.

There are many web hosting plans you can look into. Their cheapest plan is of Basic Shared Hosting at $2.95 for starters with 10 GB storage space and 5GB bandwidth. Let us look into some of its plans and key features.

Shared Hosting

The basic version of Shared Hosting at 10 GB space and 5 GB offers and PHP to its users. Shell Access and PostgreSQL are also available to the users. It is one of the few plans that offer both Python and CentOS.

A little more advanced option is the Plus version. It offers 10 times more holding space than its basic version and an unlimited bandwidth. With the entire key features from above, it does not include Python but compensates by providing a dedicated IP, a feature not available with Basic Shared Hosting. All this in only $5.95 first month plan!

Even though the Plus version is popular, there is business pro available with all bars removed, giving its users unlimited access and high performance under same features.

Blue Reseller Hosting

The Sky version of this Bluehost hosting plan offers the same bandwidth and space storage as that of Plus Shared Hosting. It is also similar in its chief attributes with only a slight shift. Instead of CentOS, you are offered a WHM.

Electric Blue Reseller Hosting is on the same page with its sister plan. It has all the attributes of Sky blue reseller hosting like PHP, shell access, dedicated IP, PostgreSQL, and WHM. On an unlimited bandwidth, it has 250 GB space for storage.


This is a popular plan of Bluehost hosting it at $12.49 first month. is available among all the plans in this web hosting category configured according to the advancement in plans. Some of its popular elements are PHP, Shell Access, and Control Panel. Apart from these it also has cPanel and Dedicated IP to offer in its subscription plan. The bandwidth is unlimited but the offer of storage space is limited to 30 GB.

In the professional version, there are the basic aspects like Shell Access and PHP. This is an advanced host in . It also puts forth Python, PostgreSQL, and a Dedicated IP. The bandwidth is still unlimited and the space storage is double that of the basic host plan. With more on the table, it is offered at

A Business plan is another step ahead compared to the other plans. Other than dedicated IP, cPanel, and control panel, it also provides Backups and ATutor for $60 in the first month with 120 GB storage and unlimited bandwidth! seems to be one click away with the easy made customizing power.

Enterprise is the most enhanced hosting plan. The characteristic feature of the plan being it’s unlimited bandwidth the storage doubled for the price of $85. Shell access, Dedicated IP, cPanel, PHP, and Control Panel are all the services provided under this plan.

Standard VPS Hosting

Other than VPS service, this plan also has Java in its key attributes. The rest of the features are common with others like PHP 5.4 and Ruby, but the bandwidth is that of 1 TB for 30 GB space provided for data storage. This standard VSP plan is for only $14.99 to start with.

The upside of Enhanced VPS hosting is its doubled storage, bandwidth, and price from the standard VPS plan. The VPS based structure build for this hosting makes for high performance at simply $29.99 start price.

Premium VPS hosting plan holds all the features of the standard plan providing 120 GB data storage and 3TB bandwidth for $44.99 in the first month. It uses a 6 GB per second interface and provides a single domain with two IP addresses.

For Ultimate VPS hosting, there is double the space of premium VPS and 1 TB extra bandwidth provided for $59.99 initially. The chief traits of this plan are no different than the standard VPS plan provided by Bluehost like PHP, Perl, Python, CentOS, MySQL and more.

Cloud Hosting

Bring the cloud solution to your screens for only $5.95 per month, the Bluehost have made backing up and saving your data easier with mirror technology. It keeps a copy of all your data on separate servers which help in retrieving and recovery in the case of failures. It has 2 GB available memory for RAM.

The Performance version of Cloud hosting plan comes for $8.95 per month providing its users with unlimited storage and bandwidth and doubled RAM memory. It also offers an extra feature called Spam Experts, as the name suggest, for the protection of your domain accounts from spam.

This plan takes it a step further and steps into Business Pro plan which has all the features from other cloud hosting plans with doubled capacity and some more features to offer. You get a dedicated IP for yourself with SSL certification and privacy for your domain. They also provide dual Spam Experts for protection.


Last but not the least is this special hosting plan of Bluehost. When looking to set up your shop or product, it brings you with a combination of e-commerce. It is customized in a manner to help its users create an online market platform for themselves and get it running within no time.

What an online store? Use Bluehost and create your business. Not limited there, you must use and spread the word around. With features like dedicated IP and SSL, the feeling of security increases the trust in online transitions too. It is a rising star in the long list of appealing plans by Bluehost.


Some of the pros of hosting with Bluehost can be seen below:

  • You get a free domain!!!
  • Bandwidth is unmetered.
  • Free Site builders
  • A Wide variety of plans to choose from.
  • Installing is made easy
  • Also, you get a 30 days money back guarantee.
  • And last but not the least, you get the reliability and security service of Bluehost.


Some of the cons of hosting with Bluehost can be seen below:

  • Some plans have storage limits while most people expect to have unlimited storage at that price.
  • Site migration is not free
  • They lack windows based servers

The cloud-based company has come far, with its current CEO James Grierson, in solution providing. Bluehost review brightly reflects the positive outcome. May it be recent sites like ‘entertainmentceleb’ or old customers like ‘designbots’, the company has come far in advancement. They have built a better customer relation with the users by providing them with a solid place to work in the web space.

When a user puts in your web address, they are connected to the server holding that space for you and your website. You can go on and talk on live chat or connect to the 24×7 available customer services. Now it is up to you to decide your criteria and choose among the wide range of facilitated plans suited to you. Protection Status

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