Is Dreamhost Worth a Try? Find Out!

With the rise in web hosting competition, the customer’s reviews of dreamhost has set apart a platform for this web hosting company. They have risen from being a brainstormed idea of four friends to being one of the best among the wide range of competition in this field. The company has come far since then, bringing new plans and more user friendly ways to spread itself. They have some seemingly easy ways to handle your website, its domain and storage with cheap offers and good plans.


Dreamhost has quite a range of services for web hosting. Dream host also has others, like cloud and domain services, to make itself a popular choice. One of its services is WordPress, which it common to all plans on an open source network. But that is not it, the company provides dedicated server hosting service as well. Dreamhost lets you access the power of open web.

The plans presented by the company have some very appealing offers and standout features. Dreamhost hosting all these plans also provide a domain or sub-domain to hold, if needed by the customer, organization or individual.

Shared Hosting

This plan has an amazing discount available on triennial subscription at a rate of $7.95 per month. There is also an option if you’d like to opt for annual or monthly basis. Your annual subscription costs $9.95 per month while the monthly payment will be 10.95 each month. The good part is if you are happy with the monthly plan, you can always choose to switch for larger periods subscription.

With a policy of 97 days money return under customer dissatisfaction terms and conditions, Dreamhost are good for a trial basis too. Here you can choose to design your own portfolio, set up a entrepreneur business and be the host to your own websites or your client websites. This plan is a great platform for e-commerce construction.

Some special features that come in compliment with this plan are your setup fees, domain privacy protection and SSL certification for Let’s Encrypt that you can activate from your control panel as per your requirement. This panel also has a unique IP address available that you can use at $5.95 per month basis. Dreamhost also provides you with a domain name if need be, for free, for the first year.


This plan is specifically designed for WordPress users. Even though WordPress is available for all Dreamhost users, to own a blog, using DremPress is highly recommended. It is optimized such that all the setting is pre-set to suit the customer’s need. Using and owing a WordPress blog is just a click away with all the preinstalled features.

It is a ready-to-use plan for $19.95 per month on monthly basis. Like every other web hosting offer on Dreamhost, the annual plan for DreamPress saves at an average of $16.95 per month. At such suitable price, you get a higher speed and smooth working with the combination of OPcache and PHP 5.6

There is also an option for PHP 7 and Hip Hop Virtual Machine (HHVM) in replacement and is configured to work just as smoothly. Workings are made better with multi layer caching and Auto scaling RAM.

Managed VPS Hosting

Known for its scalable capabilities, this plan is faster than others in its league starting at $15 per month. It has 1 GB ram and 30 GB storage but its next version at double price is known to be more popular with doubled RAM and storage space. There is also an option for 4 GB (120 GB storage) and 8 GB RAM (240 GB storage) for $60 and $120 per month, if there is higher need of any user.

The bandwidth and domain offered are unlimited on open source to all the users opting for this plan. And they take a step further and add Secure Shell, Crontab Access, Nginx, Xcache and other of such league. You can also choose between PHP5, Perl or Python from the control panel and the plan is designed to suit all.

Dedicated Server Hosting

With all the talk of open source, there comes the general idea of what Dreamhost is into when it comes to web hosting. But that is not, it. Dreamhost provides those seeking for dedicated IPs with this particular plan. At $149 per month the plan provides a service of 4 to 16 GB RAM. Needless to say, this plan is good for higher traffics.

With higher traffic come more ecommerce business and high profile clients. And having a dedicated server with SSD will solve any hindrance in its smooth working. Fool Root, Ruby Support, Python, DDoS Protection, Shell Access and Unlimited MySQL database are some outstanding features of this hosting plan.


Some of the pros of hosting with Dream host can be seen below:

  • Unlimited Bandwidth (Data Transfer).
  • Unlimited Storage.
  • Enhanced Security features.
  • SSD devices to ensure high speed.
  • Diverse Plans to choose from.


Some of the cons of hosting with Dream host can be seen below:

  • Costs a bit higher than its competitors.
  • Does not offer windows based servers.
  • Website builder is what you’ll miss if you are not much into coding.

The Dreamhost review shows a positive feedback among its customers from the well known Kenny Kim and Troublesome Tots to small time holders like MaxParr and Rethumb. Dreamhost has a creative way of motivating its customers by giving away, Dreamhost site of the month title to its customer websites. We recommend this site, neck in neck with other web hosts, for the first spot.

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