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Fatcow, since its establishment in 1988, has been known to backup small businesses and individuals in setting up and boosting. Its main aim is to be closely knit group that provides web hosting services to small time users at affordable prices and best services as needed. Fatcow review clearly stated it to be as old fashioned and simple as it is smart and running.

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There are many services offered by Fatcow hosting like mail services, domain registering and domain establishing. Also, many business facilities are available like those required for marketing and eCommerce. All this combined with the variety of simple structured hosting programs and plans presented by Fatcow community.

Web Hosting

There is a single Shared hosting plan available on Fatcow. They believe in providing simple and straight forward solution for their targeted audience of small or individual businesses. And all that comes under this plan which is at the best affordable offer of $49 per year discount for starters. This comes with a 30 days money back guarantee over your dissatisfaction.

The installation is only a click away for their customers with the liberty of unlimited storage and bandwidth. Not only free domain and free transfers, but also loads of templates for you to choose for your website. Many tools are also available to make your personal tweaks. The $100 charge for marketing can also be availed for places like Google or Bing search engines.

A new feature of 1 GB cloud storage is also to boost.

For those ready with their idea but not ready for a full-fledged website, Fatcow hosting provides a MiniMoo plan for you to simply own a place as a safe side. You can start your page whenever you like while leaving it ‘under work’ for now. This plan lets you have a hold over a domain and an email address as basic features.

VPS Hosting

You can choose to opt for its basic plan at a special discount on the first year at $19.99 per month. This plan has no visible additional charges for domain, mail, support or transfer and provides a customization facility to its customers. With 1 GB RAM it provides 40 GB storage for 1 TB bandwidth.

The business plan of VPS hosting run on 4 GB RAM in 3 TB bandwidth and 90 GB storage capacity. That last level of this hosting is the optimum plan that cost $79.99 as opposed to the business plan that comes for $47.99. This plan has 8 GB RAM, 120 GB storage, and a 4 TB bandwidth.

Many special preinstalled traits as to be appreciated like PHP, Python, Curl, FrontPage, Cron, Perl, JSP and many more. There is also unlimited usage allowed over POP3 and FTP accounts. This hosting plan includes spam protection, automated response facility, IMAP, error logs and so many more that the list just keeps piling up.

Dedicated Hosting

There are also three stages of maps available provided under this hosting program ranging from basic to advanced. The basic program is the StartUp $119.99 monthly as a discount for first-time users. This plan customised by Fatcow keeping mind the growing businesses that are need of their personal space. These plans come with all the special features included in the above hosting.

The Professional plan comes for $151.99 monthly with 1000 GB storage and 10 TB bandwidth range to boost about. On the same storage capacity is the Enterprise plan of this hosting for $191.99 monthly discount for one year. This uses the highest RAM of 16 GB. These advanced level plans are meant for the big businesses that need customization, constant support and private holdings for their Commerce or eCommerce.

WordPress Hosting

WordPress has two types of hosting plan, one for starters and other one names essential. The starter plan is good for individual businesses and personal, promotional or informational blogs. At $ 3.75 per month, it includes all the generic features required to set up WordPress like themes, cPanel, Plugins and such.

The WordPress Essential is for those with running established business on WordPress and includes slightly better features in the background that improve the quality of your site like, security, speed, performance, and support. Fatcow hosting is also the only one that still supports all the tools in the old-fashioned versions of the website for people who like to use un-upgraded versions.

Fatcow review shows its own class of customers that come from mostly the Commerce section of the society, may it be independent or government segment. ‘’, ‘, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ are a few of the websites belonging to Fatcow and its faithful sector of clients.


Some of the pros of hosting with Fatcow can be seen below:

  • Persistent quality of uptime
  • Capability to expand
  • Supports tools for older versions
  • Simple and easy use
  • Free cloud
  • Especially useful for business class
  • Daily backups


Some of the cons of hosting with Fatcow can be seen below:

  • Limited space under the unlimited advertisement
  • Little difference in service with more costs
  • Not much room for non-business class

Fatcow is not the top in its field due to their targeted aim on a specific genre of clients. But it does hold a league of its own due to this specific feature. There are some covet ways in which they work but the facilities they do provide are unbiased. If you are as simple and old fashioned as Fatcow likes to be, there is a place for you with this host.

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