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Greengeeks are one of the best customer friendly web hosts in their area that focus on their environment as much as they focus on their business, screams the Greengeeks review. Their aim is to provide everything in one place for their customers. They achieve this through the engagement to wind energy, an eco-friendly method, unlike any other company in the web hosting business.

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Greengeeks hosting puts on the plate all around the year service 24 hours for seven days of the week as customer support. They also open the bag to many unlimited offers and services without additional charges. They offer a range of services from various hosting programs like Shared, VPS, Reseller and such program plans to application services like WordPress, Drupal, CMS hosting and on.

Web Hosting

This shared hosting plan is offered at a special discounted rate of $3.96 per month as opposed to its regular price of $9.96 monthly. WordPress, cPanel, Google apps and many such applications come in this package deal making the low budget package more attractive. This host provides a RAID 10 Solid State Drive and LINUX Operating system (OS).

The backups are free and provided on a 24-hour basis irrespective of the type of your website or domain or plan was chosen. Greengeeks use top of the notch technology like a server of dual quad core frontal and feature sets to make your domain suitable for e-commerce as well.

Reseller Hosting

Scalability is a highlight of this hosting offer on any of the plan you may select for yourself. The five range of plans under reseller are named in an eco-friendly pattern, all provisioned in US or Canada. Seed is the basic at $19.95 monthly whereas Sprout, their next level plan is more popular for $24.95.

Going more advanced, there is Plant, Tree, and Forest for $39.95, $59.95 and $99.95 respectively. The plans under reseller vary in their bandwidth and storage. The SSD ranges from as low as 50 GB to as high as 200 GB and the bandwidth goes from 500 GB to 2000 GB with the advancement in plans.

All these plans have many catchy feature sets like unlimited cPanel, site transfer, domains and more and an amazing support for 20 applications install including major ones like WordPress, PHP5 and such. And let’s not forget that all that comes with basic and business technology at its back support.

VPS Hosting

This hosting plan comes in with highlights like speed, dependency, scalability and dedicated server facility. All the five levels of programs are named on their RAM capacity. Looking at the monthly price for each; 1 GB RAM for $39.95, 2 GB RAM at $59.95, 3 GB RAM for $79.95, 4 GB RAM for $99.95 and 5 GB RAM for $159.95.

Their RAID-10 storages go from 25 GB to 125 GB, increasing 25 GB every time the plans steps up.  Also increases their bandwidth every 500 GB as the plans go from 1000 GB to 3000 GB bandwidth of premium class.

There comes a pre-installed cPanel and/or WHM with the host program and also an option to include its license yearly for $200. A guarantee of ready-to-use VPS in less than a minute and 3 time the renewed power of what is being used to work your server with you. You are also offered many services without additional charges like having your blacklist IPs removed before provision and others like free emails, security, domain, backups and so on.

Dedicated Server Hosting

This hosting program, in term of cost, picks up from where the VPS host ends. Their Entry Server plan is at $169 monthly on an Intel Atom 330 processor of dual core. The standard server with a Xenon E3-1220 processor costs $269 whereas the Elite Server comes for $319 using a Xenon E3-1230 processor. A Pro Sever level is also available at the highest of $439 monthly on a Xenon E5-2620 processor.

All the 4 tiers of programs have 5 IPs available with the free transfer capability of 10,000 GB data transfer. The storage space is of 500 GB, one drive for the entry level and two drives each for the other three. The dedicated host uses a DDR 3 memory ranging from 2 GB to 16 GB. For newcomers looking into this hosting program, standard level plan is the one to opt for.

WordPress Hosting

Greengeeks hosting is known to support more than 20 applications overall and WordPress is the topmost amongst them. The servers of this application are optimized and best suited for customers’ every need. A single click is all it takes for it to install and you are left hassle free.

Many blazing attributes are to boost for too, free site transfer, domain transfer, new domain, RAID 10 disk for storage, email and account security are just some of those. Quality hardware for high performance and quality optimized software for server uptime make for some customer attracting offers this hosting has to provide.

Other Hosting

Among the countless other hosting supports provided by Greengeeks to its customers, some of them are worthy to be noticed. Drupal and Joomla are like WordPress, nowhere lagging in any of its feature sets provided by this web hosting company. There is also support for applications like CMS and cPanel for installation in not only its hosting plans but also application hosting programs as well.

Greengeeks review comes from some of its precious clienteles like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and many more in the ranks. The feedback we get from customers hosted by Greengeeks is quite diverse, to say the least.


Some of the pros of hosting with Greengeeks can be seen below:

  • Error-less and lag free transfer
  • Accuracy and uptime
  • Good market price
  • Include maximum features
  • Green energy web hosts
  • Good reseller program
  • Improved hardware and software


Some of the cons of hosting with Greengeeks can be seen below:

  • Time-consuming backups
  • Only one plan for shared hosting
  • Lacking a variety in option
  • Expensive on the dedicated hosting
  • Heavy renewal rates

Better go for it sooner than later. It is true that the available plan has almost all the traits which usually leave customers satisfied enough with their shared plan but the advice is to think twice before going for their VPS or Dedicated hosting plans. Greengeeks have known to leave customers either fully satisfied or completely frustrated so choose wisely with this one.

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