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Inmotion review shows a shooting rise in the popularity of it’s hosting service. Being the best, may it be speed, customer service or tech, is the main aim of the company. They bring hosting on a platform that can be accessible by all and hold an open blog for people interested in joining their ranks.

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Apart from the wide range of its web hosting programs, Inmotion hosting provides its customers with an option of web designing services. One is free to choose to design their own website through their web designing service instead of going through their conventional channels of web designing through pre-set template use.

Going deeper into the Inmotion hosting program:

Shared Business Hosting

There are three tiers to this hosting, namely, launch, power, and pro. The cost of these range from lowest of $4.89 per month to highest of $10.49 per month, that on discounted rates for beginners. Those into business start-ups might want to start out by testing their launch program before getting into the pro part, though the deals offered are much better as you go higher up.

The business shared hosting provides a variety of languages for you to code with, may it be MySQL, PHP, Ruby or more. There is a boon of free backup and SSD drives too. Power offer in this program has the highest popularity of eCommerce websites. They hold a good backup program and the wide range of services connected to your email accounts; filtering, storage, support, safety and secure lines.

VPS Hosting

This hosting like the previous comes in three ranges, VPS 100HA-S at $22.99 per month, VPS 200HA-S at$49.99 monthly and VPS 300HA-S for $74.99 monthly. These are all discounted rates for beginners looking for a hosting service with a real-time infrastructure on a cloud base for their website.

A free cPanel license is an attraction in this program coupled with absolutely no visible lag in your webpages; providing initially a free domain up to 12 months depending on the plan chosen. Opt for the 200HA-S version for best money value and great results.

Dedicated Hosting

As the name is self-sufficient, this plan provides with a dedicated server. The additional feature being that the server comes with free Solid State Drives (SSDs). Their packaged programs come with Data transfer ability and 5 to 10 IPs included in the package. They provide the customers of their all 6 packages with reboot-free upgrades and multi-layer defense system.

The dedicated server has 6 offers out of which 3 are specifically designed for commercial class. The essential is best on money at $119.99 monthly. It is the only program without free SSDs out of the 6 others. On an upgraded level, Advanced and Elite are for $159.99 and $229.99 per month respectively.

For commercial purpose using a dedicated server, Inmotion has specific three packaged deals; Commercial class 500, Commerical Class 1000 and Commercial class 2000. The features’ rage upgrades as the plans upgrade all with same data transfer capacity of 15 GB using an Intel Xenon processor.

Reseller Hosting

This plan like any other in three tiers includes some great deals like free cPanel, SSDs, eNom Domains and so on. Holding a dedicated IP on a reseller hosting is a boost to this program and it is provided in all the three offers from basic to advance. The offers are R 1000S, R 2000S and R 3000S.

Each has a use of its own depending on the need of the user turning in to make their website with this program. The storage space and bandwidth range from 80 GB to 160 GB, and 800 GB per month to 1600 GB per month, respectively. All these also include backup, additional IPs, and unlimited domains.


The good part about the offers upheld on Inmotion it is subdivided into various niches, which is a plus point for the users and makes choosing easy. The Launch offer of Shared hosting is for all kinds of the genre if you are not ready with an idea for your site. It also cost simply $4.89 per month. The power and pro offers are meant, as the site says, for small businesses and developed or growing business respectively.

At $6.29 and $10.49 per month, these programs are still at their best price value and worth every dime for the customer with the features offered.  Easy pre-install, install and upgrades are solid boons. With unlimited hosting, free transfer and free domain, they offer a hardcore backup and safety measures for .

Managed Hosting

Inmotion review shows this hosting to be similar to a customized option for those clients and customers that come looking with a specific idea in their mind as to what they want and exactly how they want it to be. Good for many platforms like Joomla, Drupal, CentOS, exim, Magneto and much more on the list, this program has a wide range for you to choose from.

They provide you with NGINX and many other servers to choose from. Make full use of their interactive system and have customized security profile for your website. Customize your automated tasks and hold tight onto your uptime.

Many websites like ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ have come forth being the faithful clients of Inmotion hosting in the wide world of web hosting business. Others still growing, like, ‘’ and ‘’ prove that this hosting is a good choice for any business, earth to sky.


Some of the pros of hosting with Inmotion can be seen below:

  • Unlimited storage
  • You get a free domain
  • It provides unlimited bandwidth
  • Reliable
  • Friendly customer support
  • 24×7 uptime
  • Reasonable pricing


Some of the cons of hosting with Inmotion can be seen below:

  • The basic plan limits your hosting to only 2 domains
  • Windows servers are missing
  • Phone verification required for all new customers

Amazingly, there is always a live chat room available for every hosting program separately with that specific hosting expert. That is one of the ups when looking to set up a website with one of the companies like InmotionWhereas the database limitation, are some of the downsides despite a good command over the services offered in their limited structure. Yet a worthy opponent for many of the top rankers in its field, Inmotion hold some loyal customers happy with the service till date.

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