Is Ix Web Hosting Worth a Try? Find Out!

Ix web hosting reviews are gathered from the diverse fields of clients under their hosting programs. Hosting all around the Globe since 1999, they are still developing in terms of hosting providence. A United States based office; they provide their hosting services with customer support around the clock all year.


Other than the hosting programs available on cut rates, Ix web hosting company doesn’t push for long-term signing ups. There is a free trial, as well as 30 days return policy to go with it. Services like traffic tracking and security measures are a must for every website and domain hosting customer and this web host makes sure to provide it. An all desirable one- click install feature coupled with one free domain registration. Right here is everything the customers ask for before signing up including the hosting they have to offer.

Linux Hosting Plans

The plan states in its initial lines for it to be a Linux hosting plan. All its plan included a feature of dedicated IPs and free domain registrations from 1 up to 3, depending on the level of the plan the customer opts for. All the plans offer unlimited specs like space and bandwidth and are structured to be best suited for any kind of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) use.

They do not start their plan with start-up or basic, instead their initial plan is an Expert plan for $3.95 per month. This includes one free domain and one free IP. Though it supports two IP, the other one costs $2 per month. The Business Plus plan comes for $ 7.95 monthly offers two free domains and 3 IPS. As it goes, one IP is free while the others cost 41.50 per IP after that. There is a middle solution, an Ultimate plan.

The special level of plan is the Unlimited Pro plan for $7.95 monthly. It offers 15 IPs out of which one is free while each one after that cost $1 per month extra. It also offers as many as 3 domain registrations for free. All the plans are structured to support all your popularly used applications like WordPress and Joomla.

Windows Hosting Plan

Since the Ix hosting focuses on Linux, there are only a limited options to choose from under the Windows based Shared hosting. The business plan has the same specifications as the above business plan with the only difference of running on Windows Operating system. This plan cost $4.50 monthly as of the present discounted rate.

The Ultimate Pro plan is specialized plan just like the Linux Ultimate pro with a difference of using Windows instead. This plan is for a discounted rate of $9.95 per month as opposed to the normal price of $14.95.

VPS Hosting

Though it isn’t a dedicated server but virtually performs as well as one, giving all the perks like private virtual space, full root access, and all the kinds of system resources with manageable capability, control panel and more along such lines. Ix web hosting company offer in the VPS hosting program only includes a self-managed server which has 2 kinds of plans for its customers.

The X4 Linux plan for $54.95 per month comes with specs like 1500 GB transfer capacity and 50 GB storage space using 4 cores CPU and RAM space of 786 available MB. The X8 Linux plan for $89.95 per month costs $97.95 on renewal with specs like 100 GB storage capacity, 2000 GB transfer capability and 2048 RAM capacity available at hand.

All the virtual servers are equipped with 2 dedicated IPs and two types of control panel options; Plesk and cPanel. The domains are unlimited under privatized servers and being self-managed makes it fully laid down at your command.

The VPS is available with a choice of using Windows OS as well but the cPanel choice gets eliminated in this case. cPanel can only be accessed under Windows on special request as it says in the plans that aren’t much different in specs from their Linux counterparts as compared to the difference in pricing.

Customer hosting like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and more of these websites add to the Ix web hosting reviews and Ix hosting clientele. Some of such feedbacks have known to create these pros and cons:


  • Some of the best basic features
  • Best practical offers
  • Windows and Linux options separately
  • Good security features


  • No added credential option available
  • Short range of applications hosted
  • Only self-managed VPS available
  • cPanel isn’t easily managed

It isn’t hard to tell that being in the field for a long time, the hosting company has created some strong following but they walk on a balance of good and back. The main attractions like uptime and customer support have known to created mixed feeling with exceptionally doing well for some while crashing badly for others. But all round if you know your way around, then they let you have full access and control while taking care of basics and backend, letting you do your work, even from scratch, if you opt to.

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