Is Namecheap Web Hosting Worth a Try? Find Out!

Ever since its birth in 2000, Richard Kirkendall with his team at Namecheap hosting company works with each customer to move forward as hosts and as customer supporters. Operating from the city of Los Angeles (LA) in California, they are credited to be managing more than millions of domains. They focus on work with the motto for better Servers, Security and Support.


Many services can be credited to this hosting company. Managing many domains they provide a simple feature for customers to look up who owns a particular domain name without any compromise with the privacy of the domain user. Its domain services include personalized domains with transfer and registration facility. Also hosting many applications, customers can add four of them to their cart at a time. There hosting is of variable degrees:

Shared Hosting

There is the basic value plan for $9.88 per year and there is the highest plan for $29.88 per year. The basic version has 20 GB limited storage space compared to the unlimited SSD for the highest version. The top plan can host up to 50 websites while the basic plan is confined to three only. The medium Professional plan runs with it a Business SSD version, both for $19.88 per year.

While all the plans offer unlimited bandwidth, the business plan has a limitation of 5000 GB. The professional plan has the hosting capacity of 10 websites but the Business SSD can host unlimited. The storage space also differs from 50 GB to 20 GB between professional and Business SSD plans, respectively. The other benefits include uptime, WordPress, security, upgrade and more.

Reseller Hosting

The four tier planning system accommodates all kind of reseller customer needs. The pricing structure is available from 1-month to3 years for all the plans. The Reseller 1 plan is a starter at $16.95 monthly with 25 GB space and 1000 GB bandwidth. Reseller 2 is just a little upgraded with 75 GB storage space and 2000 GB bandwidth, creating more room to grow and spread.

The Reseller 3 and Reseller 4 are more refined costing $36.95 and $46.95 monthly. Namecheap review for its reseller hosting program is known to be comparatively cheaper than the competition and more affordable. Here the disk space differs from 150 GB to 300 GB with unmetered bandwidth range. There is a facility of free WHM and WHMCS for all the reseller plans. cPanel is highly developed with great offering features. One can opt for a paid dedicated IP at $24 yearly.

Virtual Private Server (VPS) Hosting

All the four plans here have their own kind of limitations from core and disk space to RAM and range. Not just upgrade but also degrade, you can choose to change plans even if it means going down the plan structure. They provide complete root access and an option for cPanel to their customers. Then there is a choice to OS that is at the client’s exposure. There is free OS or cPanel re-establishment available with self and managed VPS’.

The four plans are VPS Lite, VPS 1, VPS 2 and VPS 3, all on a Xen virtual platform, costing $19.95 monthly, $29.95 monthly, $49.95 monthly and $69.95 monthly. There is additional cost payable if the customers wish to turn their plan into a managed VPS for $30 or fully managed VPS for $75 monthly.

Dedicated Server Hosting

There are 10 single CPU plans available with a differential degree of specifications between CPU, RAM, hard drive and bandwidth. And thus the prices range accordingly from $58.88 per month to $149.88 per month. Namecheap hosting provides 8 multiple CPU plans under the dedicated hosting program with varying specifications from CPU and RAM to hard drive space.

The price ranges from $219.88 monthly to $379.88 monthly. The bandwidth range for all the plans under Multiple CPU category is 100 TB and all these plans use either 8 CPU cores or 12 CPU cores. The pricing and features for choosing self-managed and fully managed are same as the VPS hosting.

Email Hosting

There is this kind of hosting available as well with a two-month free trial package and a year to two-year signup package thereafter. This is a three tier plan; namely, Private for $9.88 annually, Business for $28.88 annually and Business Office for $49.88 annually. The features that come along with each one varies as per their prices.

Migration Plan

Apart from hosting, there is a migration plan with nothing less than a yearly package deal. The basic plan is to transfer for $9.88 annually, the professional plan transferring costs $19.88 yearly and migration to the Ultimate plan is $$29.88 per year. The specs, as usual, differ with the money value but there is unlimited bandwidth for all the transferred domains; while limiting the transferable website according to the plan opted for.

Some of the well known and popular website domains such as ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ contribute to the highly regarded Namecheap review. A few similar others are: ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and then more. These feedbacks do reflect upon the company nicely with only a couple of setbacks.


  • Friendly Interface
  • Free DNS
  • Very Affordable
  • Nice performance (speed, support or uptime)
  • Mostly unlimited bandwidth


  • Paid migration
  • Many specs are limited
  • Website limitations

While many companies aim for a wider breadth in return policies, they have only a 14 days return policy. There are limitations to what Namecheap provides and then there are limitations all around but with this hosting there is transparency. They put everything on the plate and you are free to knit pick to your heart’s content and host with them only if you like. If you seek transparency with affordability, they are definitely your go-to.

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