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In thirteen and a half year of its being in the field of web hosting service, as of this month, the response of Siteground review has been nothing but positive. Established and worked by a couple of college students, now the company’s motivation is ‘handcrafted’, portraying a feeling of personal touch among its customers. And combined with the human feel are the latest updated technologies and upkeep versions in Siteground.Siteground-post

The wide range of services that Siteground Hosting provides includes, and Joomla services in addition to many hosting plans. Web hosting, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated servers, Reseller Web Hosting are its hosting plans. There are further divided into many subcategories according to the need of the customer looking to set up their page/site with Siteground.

Web Hosting

It is a shared hosting solution that starts at the best price of $3.95 per month and is known to be a best seller among the many services on Siteground Hosting service. Its basic version, StartUp, has all the necessary features for you to set yourself up initially like installs, updates, domain, site transfer, accounts, daily backup, and CloudFlare. All of that is absolute without additional charges.

This is for your average start-up blog with SSD storage, 30 days money back guarantee. Not just that but everyone of these is included in its next level plan as well, GrowBig. At $7.95/month, this has the additional features one might like to set up their domain in an elaborate form. It offers you multiple websites with 20 GB space suitable for approximately 25,000 visits daily. It has great additional features like the capacity of 30 backups, SuperCacher and free Wildcard SSL for a year.

It has another plan, namely, GoGeek made of special features for those with a particular nerdy wire in their brain. For $14.95/month, it offers features like free PCI support for security and Gets Repo Creation in a single click. That combines with the premium features of GrowBig and mandatory features of StartUp versions of Web Hosting plans.

Cloud Hosting

At the entry level, the offered plan for this hosting is 1 CPU core with 2GB RAM and 20GB space.

At the business level, you get the same RAM for 2 CPU core and 40GB disk space. While this plan costs $80 per month, entry level plan is only $60 monthly.

The business plus offer comes for the same number of CPU cores with 3GB RAM and 60 GB storage space on disk. Price: $100 per month.

The last of the designed offer is for $140 monthly which has 4 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM and 80 GB storage on disk.

Designed for high traffic quick speed, this hosting plan is good for its special feature apart from the 4 plans it offers under this service. Cloud hosting allows you to create your own plan where you are free to choose your CPU, RAM, and Storage, at 5TB bandwidth for any of the four levels.

The price is displayed on the side and shows the increase in $s as you choose these categories according to your requirement. On creating your own plan you can max out up to 16 CPU cores, 16 GB RAM, and 200 GB disk space. The maximum value it reaches is $440 per month at that personal customization. Other than and Joomla, this also supports Magneto and Drupal as an added feature.

Dedicated Hosting/Dedicated servers

As the name suggests this is top of the class premium plan for those looking to establish themselves with dedicated server facility. Attracting with its proprietary software and handpicked hardware, the plans are available in United States, Europe, and Asia Pacific only.

Entering at $229 per month, it provides the user with many CPU facilities like 4 cores, 8 threads, 3.20 GHz speed and 8 MB cache. All of this in 4 GB RAM and 500 GB disk storage space. Taking up a notch, the power server has the same CPU capacity for 3.50 GHz clock speed, 1 TB space, and 16 GB RAM.

The top most version is the Enterprise server that provides its customer in 16 GB RAM, 2 CPU with 6 cores and 12 threads for 2 GHz CPU speed. Also, the disk space goes up to 4 500GB HDD. This plan is available at $429 per month.

Reseller Hosting

This service program is set up by the Siteground on the basis of credits. These credits do not have an expiry date and each credit hold your website for a year. You can use them to either renew your account or launch a fresh one. These credits are available to you at the best price offer of $42 per credit if you aim for 11 or more credits.

But for an average of 5-10 credits, each credit costs $45 per credit. For beginners in here, buying 1-4 credits is advisable where each costs you $49. The special feature in this hosting includes a non-labelled cPanel and DNS upgrade to private. This gives your server a better label and name for an experience.


Siteground takes great pride in its plan as it has earned its recommendation for this hosting by itself. The plan starts at a minimum of $3.95 per month under shared hosting service. Siteground review for has been a 5 starred all around. All of these shared plans have one click easy installation, auto-update facility and Command Line Management (CLI) enabled for its .

Past the entry level, there are available 30 copies of your backup, cache for 3 levels, excellent restoration service, pre-installed Git Repo, premium SSL certification, priority problem handling and PCI compliance. is also available on the cloud and dedicated hosting programs of Siteground.

Joomla Hosting

This is hosting service provided by Siteground for Joomla, a place for customers to build their website on open source CMS (Content Management System). They are the official host partners of Joomla. Same as , all the facilities for setting yourself up on Joomla are essentially a click away with this hosting at initially $3.95 on the shared program.

Going above the basic version, there is the premium service of staging, Git for repo creation, special caching of 3 levels and all the other features same as provided for . Joomla, just like the above plan is also available on cloud hosting service and under dedicated server program of Siteground.

Magneto and Drupal Hosting

The lesser known and developed parts of Siteground includes these two hosting programs. Magneto is available in a basic version for easy installation, auto update and basic backup on cloud and dedicated server hosting. Drupal whereas is only available under cloud hosting with the same basic features.

Some of the renowned sites like ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and ‘’ choose to use Siteground as their host site. Many of their customer reviews have been on a high through the coming years and any complaints are always catered to by their instant customer support owing to great customer satisfaction.


Some of the Pros of hosting with Siteground can be seen below:

  • Automatic backup of user data
  • You can choose the server location from their list.
  • User-friendly Plans and Pricing
  • Good customer support
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free Domain offered


Some of the cons of hosting with Siteground can be seen below:

  • Free Trial option not available
  • Only one domain can be hosted in its basic plan
  • Site Transfers take too long
  • Basic plan offers only 10GB of storage

To conclude, Siteground provides good service and it is worth investing your money in. The instance 60% rise after the first year is a major consequence suffered by its users, especially when compared other hosting providers in the competition. But the persistence in providing a high quality of work and support makes Siteground worth the considerations for choosing it as your website host.

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