Is A Small Orange Web Hosting Worth a Try? Find Out!

The company was set up fairly recently and has come far with its customers since then. A small orange reviews make it easy to picture the proof of it being a close knit organization that supports its close-knit client. The company aims for individual and individuals with missionary purpose. Many small businesses and charitable organizations recognize themselves with this host.


They provide the kind of services that are best suited for their targeted customer class including all the basic ones like website building and website designing. Applications like WordPress hosting come under their services. There is a live chat room, a boon for those seeking to establish with A small orange hosting with added benefit of all around the clock support through mail or contact. These services also extend to a money back guarantee after 90 days dissatisfaction. There are various categories of hosting they offer:

Shared Hosting

The three-tier plan starts with Tiny for $2.92 monthly offering 500 MB storage and 5 GB bandwidth range for a single website. On the contrary, the Medium and Large for $10 monthly and $20 monthly, respectively, offer a lot of features like unlimited websites and the ‘.com’ domains for free as well.

The storage for each is 15 GB and 30 GB while the bandwidth range is 150 GB and 500 GB. All the plans have website building included with the plans using Weebly. Everything is structured to suit the business oriented companies and individuals like email support, security, protection and reliable uptime.

Business Hosting

On all kinds of annual plans, you get free two months of hosting with free domains. If that is not attractive enough, there are the standard three tiers planning available on a monthly price basis. The startup plan for $20 monthly, Small Business plan for $40 monthly and Enterprise plan for $60 monthly, all have free SSL certificate and the PCI compliant facility.

There are many other features to be considered like daily backups, all kind of domains are unlimited like subdomains, addon domains, mail services like listing forwarding and accounts and security with password protection and blocking. There is also an option to opt for an upgrade if the need is, for any customer with expanding business and elaborating needs.

Reseller Hosting

All the plans on this hosting are amazingly at comparatively cheap prices. Small plan for $15 monthly is designed for small timers who are starting to work under here now. And this plan can still hold 30 websites with 20 GB storage capacity and 250 GB of bandwidth. For mid-level and expanding customers, Medium plan at the rate of $25 monthly an affordable offer to consider. It has the capacity to store 25 GB data and host 50 websites in a bandwidth range of 500 GB.

The Large plan is for the level of users that are proficient in their line and starting on a raised platform right away. The plan has a 50 GB storage and 100 website capacity over 1500 GB bandwidth. And just like above there is a two-month free offer on all annual plans. There are services available like site-lock, (Pay per Click) PPC services and SEO services with add-on charges applicable.

Cloud VPs Hosting

A small orange review has sighted 7 plans with varying range of specs from Core to Storage, RAM and Bandwidth. Pricing for all vary accordingly too charged on a monthly basis. The plans range from $30 per month to $150 per month with a similarly incremental degree of specifications.

There are weekly backups and on-demand backups are available for free as well. Their plan for ‘free domain and two months free hosting on annual sign up’ also prevails under VPS hosting. They do not obligate their clients to remain with them and allow open minded and free moving, owing to the limitations they work in, i.e., catering small, standard, and charitable and such kind of businesses only.

Dedicated Hosting

It has two plans based on the Single CPU server and Multi-CPU server. However, these two plans have many sub-plans. There are six categories under Single CPU, all varying in memory and storage, and thus incrementing in prices as well. The two plans on Multi CPU differ only in storage space and nothing else, not even the price. And as the all above structures show promise, this hosting gives the same with best of features.

Some famous names associate with a small orange hosting company, such as ‘’ and ‘’. There are similar other customers as well, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ are some of them and then some more. These customers come around to build the feedback for their host, A small orange.


  • Cheap prices
  • Free domain
  • Good uptime graph
  • Better return policy comparatively


  • Limited offers
  • No free additional credits
  • Limited bandwidth (more can be purchased)

Among many other things, this hosting company does not paint an attractive pricing picture for customers and hit hard on renewal. There general pricing is what they show and offer a different kind of promotion from the rest. Limiting themselves in some ways make them focus more and generate a better result for their clients. Thus, as far as their audience goes, using a small orange hosting is highly advisable.

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