Is Temok Web Hosting Worth a Try? Find Out!

Ever since the Temok Company was founded in 2014, it had targeted the business class of market on the internet. They continue to grow with one point aim to meet all the needs and demand of its customers. They help their customers with customer, traffic security, performance and more of such valuable qualities.

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These things make Temok reviews to be exceedingly appreciative. Some of the services it provides to all the brands and business are website design and development including install, configuration, setup and start. This even includes everything from logos to payment channels and marketing. It has all kind of domain services for the users from transfer to bulk transfer and registration to bulk registration. The hosting plans are spread in a well-organized manner too:

Shared Hosting

Temok makes its shared plan into four categories; namely, started, premium, business, and first class. All these plans vary in range depending on the period of an offer to choose from one month pack to 3-year pack. The lowest is the three-year pack for $2.99 per month. Similarly, the three-year packs for all the plans are $4.99 premium, $6.99 business and $7.99 for first class.

All of these differ in their storage capacity which increases with each step. All these arrangements are laden with features like unlimited sub domains and bandwidth, and free setup facility. These plans work on a Linux OS but the customer can opt to work with Windows, also available under Shared Hosting. Only the Windows based plan comes with higher costs that are also available on a three-year contract basis.

Reseller Hosting

This is a five-tier plan designed keeping Linux as the Operating System. As with all Temok hosting programs, this program is also available on Windows but with a different pricing format. You can choose to sign up with Linux reseller from 1 month to 3 years but with Windows, 1-year plan is the highest available. All other features are same. Many of the specs are unlimited except storage and bandwidth that increase with the increase in prices.

For 1 year plan, starter and Premium cost $22.49 and $31.49 per month on Linux but cost $25 and $37.5 per month on Windows. Moving forward, there is a similar difference. The business Linux is for$36 while business Windows is for $45. The first class and super class with Linux cost $49.5 and $80.08 monthly and with Windows cost $50 and $83.33 per month.

Like Linux Shared Hosting and Linux reseller hosting, there is a separate room for Linux SEO hosting, a special hosting program feature under Temok. Here each IP cost $1.50 and up to 10 IPs are available for use with a disk space of 10 GB and bandwidth of 80 GB. This program has none but one plan for $15 per month.

Dedicated Servers

This hosting program has a range of 15 types of plans none with specific names but wide combinations of specs like process, RAM storage Monthly Bandwidth and the type and number of hard drives available. Each has a setup fee of $49.99. The monthly payment differs with each combination ranging from $59 to $202 per month.

There is a special deals section under here that provide yet different combinations from these available 15 and at a comparatively lower price. These programs are only good for USA residents and their USA based IPs. As for spec, there is no pattern to these combinations but many put together offers that very well make up for the lack of configurable platform.

Another category under this is a dedicated reseller that shows ranges in price with the advancement in the no. of servers. More than 101 servers cost $3000 while 75 to 100 cost $2000 and such the prices decrease. The additional charges start from and after 20 servers.

Virtual Private Server Hosting

There are same four categories of plans, with sign ups available for a period of one month to 3 years. The pricing and specifications are same irrespective of the Operating system, Windows or Linux. The VPS hosting plans range from $22.95 to $64.95 monthly for a three-year bond while a standard monthly cost is $22.95 to $68.95 monthly.

Temok reviews and customizes all its tactics to minimize the hassle of its commercial customers, thus providing a fully managed VPS hosting structure. They provide instantaneous set-up free backup weekly and complete root access with 1 GBPS Ethernet for all the plans under this program.

Some of its customers like ‘’ have a large base and work structure in Vancouver while some of its customers are small time businessmen like the owner of ‘’ selling home appliances at lower rates. Tele based, ‘’ and knowledge based ‘’ are some more examples in the same line.


  • Uptime
  • Better performance
  • Wide range of programs and plans
  • Affordable
  • Various sign up offers
  • Good customer support
  • Add-ons available


  • Complicated structure
  • Slow on updates
  • User interface is not the best

Being new in the site and domain development business, Temok hosting has comparatively lesser customers to its competitors. But Temok is definitely a rising star with popularity increases like never before. Like every host, it has its own ups and downs surely more ups than downs. Soon, the customer map with has more satisfied Temok feedbacks than any other.

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