Is Webhostinghub Worth a Try? Find Out!

Web hosting hub is one of the very few companies among those in the field of website hosts that works with a single point aim. It has branched out of InMotion in 2010, founded with a special aim to attract either the complete novices or highly expert professional workers. Owing to its one hosting platform, Webhosting hub reviews mark a sufficiently considerable amount of customer history.


The main attention pulling points of this hosting is the services it provides. The host supports more than 300 applications for free including major ones like WordPress and Joomla. These applications also include the ones that support eCommerce purposes like OpenCart, Woo Commerce and such more. However, the hosting is one, Shared hosting, with three scalable plans to suit the needs for every kind of customers on a single platform.

Shared Hosting

Today’s market have flourished such that the user seeks to be a customer of a hosting company that can focus on their requirements better. Thus, the need for companies that work for targeted market presented itself. Webhostinghub hosting platform is only of one kind – shared. It was born with the market’s need.

They offer three kinds of elaborate plan to suit various categories of users looking to establish a relationship in a small community such as Web hosting hub. The initial plan is called Spark costing $4.99 monthly on the initial signup for a yearly period. The renewal rate is $8.99 monthly. This plan is organized with features to fit the frame of people looking to easy websites that can set up easy.

The next is a Nitro level plan design to provide an upgraded measure of facilities for $6.99 monthly as a discount for the first year. Unlike the Spark plan, the parked and sub domains with websites are all unlimited under the free domain. There is a special offer on choosing web design option with this plan and also a choice of data centres available.

The Dynamo plan is more or less the same at a first year discounted cost of $8.99 monthly. This shared platform plan was meant to be more sophisticated and customized every step of the way. More control is intended to be imparted to the customer of higher and flourished businesses, for whom this plan was structured.

The difference among the three lies in the advertising credit purchases which can be made for $75 initially, for $175 on Nitro plan and for $250 on the professionally designed plan. The choice of a data centre is also available for higher plans but not for the Spark plan. There are 10 databases, MySQL and PostgreSQL, available for the first plan while the other two have unlimited databases.

All the plans provide a free website builder and website builder guidance. There is also an option of free website relocation for all up to a limitation of 3. All applications are supported for free with the added benefit of auto installation for the common ones like WordPress and Shopping Cart. Not only are free domains available for all but also free SSDs.

They offer many other features with their well-structured hosting plans like a 90 days money back guarantee and around the clock customer support. Not only do they have contact information and chat room but a Skype option available for those who want a more real approach. They focus on the basic of three priorities, speed, security, and uptime.

Some websites credited for webhostinghub reviews are, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’ and over thousands and thousands more like these. The feedbacks have been mixed with satisfied clients demanding for more hosting plans and grumpy clients being happy with the customer support. Some of the pros and cons of webhostinghub hosting platform are:


  • Good performance for a company that only works on shared basis
  • Many applications to offer
  • Affordable renewal rates
  • Specs are unmetered
  • Customer Service


  • Paid backup even though prices aren’t high
  • Doesn’t show an upgrading option
  • No other hosting other than shared
  • Paid domain renewal


They are overall an average webhosting hub designed for specific target and fulfilling their goals based on those targets. Like every hosting company and website web hosting hub has its cons but if what they offer, meet the criteria for what you require, it is worth a look. Customers seeking for more than a shared land should consider looking away while customers looking for the specific services that the hub offers must look no further and go for it.

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