How Free Web Hosting Can Kill Your Site

The new born 21st century is a fast paced time. In this day and age, having a virtual footprint is essential. This necessity has made many heads turn towards those businesses that are ready in the market to take full advantage of these clueless potential customers. These shrewd businesses put out the most outrageously appealing offers with a background full of unknown twists and catch.

On such offer is that of free web hosting which is often looked forward to by many new users, either for trial purposes or on a cost basis. People often go into this offer to cut themselves slack but emerge from it more buried in trouble than they could have imagined. Because these websites that offer charge-less hosting often have more coveted methods to gain profit rather than those transparent website that serve at a cost and deliver what they promise.

Kill hosting

Especially, new users generally put search the engine with general keywords like free websites and some websites that full advantage of those keywords offering just as asked. For starters, there are some absolutely basic reasons that free hosting is bound to lead to death of your website, may it be slow death or a quick one.

  • ·         It is the absolute truth. Even the companies offering free services got to make money that is common sense. So how will they make it? They will make it off of you. Often when you convert to a web host page, you realise that the free hosting is truly just trial hosting. Some customers are okay with trial periods. But then, what is the use of free trial periods when you are asked to pay for all the additional services you require.
  •              In much simpler words said, it is damaging to your website to use free hosting services as they are not at all reliable in the long run. Because after the free term ends, there is a surprisingly high charge for the revival of your domain and website, and unluckily no method of transferring your free website to a paid version. If you are not an expert than doing it manually is not an option. In the end, it leaves you with only two options, either pay a freelancer for the conversion or switch to other web hosts.
  •             The other demerit is the server use. Often such web hosts pool many and many free websites on the same server causing a poor load time to every one of those websites. This largely affects the traffic inflow of your website, a slow death. It should also be kept in mind that with free hosting, there is no guarantee of backup of data saving whatsoever. This also causes many barriers like a limited hosting space for the domain and its website(s).
  •             It would also be advisable to read your terms and conditions carefully than none of us ever seem to so. It is important because these conditions often give these shady business websites the advantage to take down your website without warning and without any data retrieving.

If one day one of your free web hosting providers up and leaves, don’t be surprised because they are completely legible to do so, a quick kill. But these aren’t the reason to freak out over. There are still many established firms in the web hosting domain of work that provide free or low-cost trial periods with clear terms of conditions on offer basis from time to time.

So make sure to fish out a genuine one that suits your requirements and get in touch with their customer service prior to joining and work out all the details. Needless to say, you will have a satisfying and enjoyable experience holding your domain.



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